It’s important to develop the skill of matching individual notes with your voice. It takes time and practice to learn how to listen to yourself and make sure you are on the notes. If you’ve heard the expression “you are pitchy” that means you are not singing on the note, you could be under the note (flat) or above the note (sharp). Most people think that they have a terrible singing voice, but most likely it’s not the voice that sounds bad, it’s the pitch. Think about it, if you played a song on the piano and hit incorrect notes, it’s not the piano that sounds bad, it’s sounds bad because you are not hitting the right keys. Here are three tips to help you develop your singing voice and learn how to sing on pitch. You are working on connecting your ears to your singing voice.

How to develop pitch matching skills are not hard, it just takes time. If you have a keyboard or piano at home, hit a key in the middle of the keyboard and try matching the sound you hear. Continue to hit the key and continue to match the sound with your voice until you get it. Them move up one key and do the same thing.

The second method is getting a digital tuner. This is a handheld device that plays a note and you match the sound. If you are off the note, the digital tuner flickers between sharp (#) which is above the note or flat (b) which is below the note. To help you adjust your voice and get on pitch. There are a few games (apps) for cell phones that help you match the notes with your voice. This is a huge benefit because you can practice your pitch from anywhere! Most of these apps select notes within a comfortable range for you.

The last option to match your voice to the correct note is to recording yourself when you sing. You can record your voice and listen back to see if you are matching the pitch. There are services online that will record your voice and provide a pitch analysis.

Once you’ve trained yourself to listen to your voice and analyze the correct pitch, singing on pitch will get easier and easier. Very seldom will beginners sing every note correctly. When you learn how to match your voice to specific pitches, you can sing your favorite songs with confidence!


Singing in the shower is all fun and games until you get soap in your mouth. Then it becomes a soap opera.

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