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A Vocal Coach With Over 23 Years of Experience

Are you looking for a new vocal coach that has real celebrity experience? Michelle Ostrove is a Celebrity Vocal Coach with over 23 years of experience. In that time she has worked with celebrities including Diana Ross, McKenna Grace, Catherine O'Hara. Chelsko and many others.

Michelle Ostrove has honed her vocal and piano lessons working with musicians from musical acts including Oingo Boingo, ELO, Strawberry Alarm Clock, and more. It’s time you worked with a voice coach that has the proven experience you’ve been looking for!

As a vocal coach, Michelle Ostrove has spent years helping celebrities, established bands, and aspiring musicians improve their careers. Those same skills that helped her connect celebrities and accomplished musicians with their inner talent can help you realize your musical dreams.

Michelle Welcomes All Kinds Of Students

Even if you’re not a Hollywood superstar, you can still have the same vocal lessons that the pros get. Michelle Ostrove uses her decades of experience in music education to help aspiring singers, songwriters, and musicians at every stage in their careers discover their hidden potential. Sign up for your vocal coaching now!

Everyone has what it takes to become a great musician. Some of us just need a little help realizing our dreams. Even Hollywood’s biggest names and career musicians benefit from working with their voice coach.

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Michelle Believes Everyone Can Be A Great Musician

Becoming a great musician is about always working on your craft. Your skills as a vocalist, songwriter, or musician are something that you can sharpen throughout your entire life. As our skills grow, we will open up new doors and experiences that further lessons and coaching can help us to handle.

Life also has a way of changing our goals for us and a voice coach is there to help you whether you’re thinking about changing musical styles or you want to completely shift your musical abilities.

If you’re ready to work with a voice coach that has helped celebrities and career musicians boost their careers, get in touch with Michelle Ostrove and sign up for your own coaching sessions today!

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Voice Lessons That Improve Your Songwriting Skills

Taking voice lessons is just the start for artists looking to improve their vocal techniques. When you start working towards becoming a skilled artist, you’re going to want to get a head start with a career instructor who has helped everyone from beginners to celebrities build solid vocal techniques.

Best of all, you can take singing lessons online and save yourself the hassle and difficulty of a long commute. Michelle offers voice lessons to beginners, as well as seasoned professionals. Working with an experienced voice coach gives you access to a lifetime of experience working with the best in the business.

She teaches vocal pedagogy, as well as many proven vocal techniques that create a healthy singing voice. Your own vocal abilities will be opened up when you take lessons from Michelle Ostrove.

Teaching Techniques

Over the course of her career, Michelle Ostrove has worked with famous musicians, celebrities, and beginners just starting out in their musical journey. She can help you explore your craft as a songwriter and give you access to the tips and techniques that made some of the most recognizable musical bands famous.

Michelle Ostrove can help you to explore your vocal strengths and weaknesses. She will help you fix any bad habits and help you build a strong, solid voice. If you’re ready to take songwriting and singing lessons online, get in touch with Michelle Ostrove today!

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You Can Take Voice Lessons Online

Are you thinking about taking singing lessons, but don’t want to risk the hassle of traveling to a music studio every week? Celebrity Vocal Coach Michelle Ostrove offers you the chance to take your voice lessons online and get the exact same level of instruction that you would receive through traditional in-person instruction.

We do offer in-person lessons on a limited basis. In today’s world, traveling to take your voice lessons represents all new kinds of risks. You can save time and money by taking your singing lessons online!

When you take voice lessons online, you’ll be working with a seasoned vocal coach that can help you with every aspect of your music. Whether you are looking for voice lessons or help with your songwriting, Michelle Ostrove can give you the instruction you need to elevate your musical talents.

Online Lesson Requirements

The online music lessons offered by Michelle Ostrove are perfect for all skill levels. Whether you are early in your music career or you’ve been in a high-profile band for years, her vocal coaching skills can help you continue to grow as an artist. Working alongside a professional vocal coach gives you the best opportunity really grow as a singer and learn proper techniques to create a strong, powerful, and controlled singing voice.

You can reach new heights in your musical journey by working with the best in the business. Reach out to Michelle Ostrove to find out more about her online singing lessons, online voice lessons, online vocal coaching, and online piano lessons. If you are local and want to see if there is an opening to come into the studio, just give Michelle a call and schedule a time.


Are You Looking for Piano Lessons?

Piano lessons are the perfect choice for anyone. The piano is the foundational instrument, providing a solid base by learning how to read treble and bass staff. Whether you are looking to become a classical pianist or play in a band, you need an experienced piano teacher who can deliver the lessons you are looking for.

Michelle Ostrove has been a career musician for decades and has worked with Hollywood celebrities as well as world-famous bands members. She takes those experiences into each and every music lesson she offers.

No Prior Skills Required

No matter if you are a beginning student or a career musician looking for piano lessons, she can help you connect with new skills on one of music’s oldest instruments. Michelle teaches music theory in every lesson; this provides a student with a well-rounded knowledge of music.

Kick Start Your Musical Career

The piano is a great instrument to learn no matter where you are in your musical career. The fundamentals of music are best understood through the keyboard or a piano. The ability to freely play the piano allows you to quickly and efficiently create your musical ideas. That is why the piano is the ideal instrument for anyone to learn.

You deserve to have a piano teacher with proven experience that can elevate your relationship to your music. Connect with Michelle Ostrove to sign up for your piano lessons and start a new chapter in your musical career today!

Work With a Voice Teacher and Hone Your Musical Talents

When you work with a professional voice teacher, you’ll learn proper technique and learn how to sing the correct way. Michelle Ostrove is an amazing singing teacher and she can help you to overcome those hurdles that have been holding you back.

Whether it's shyness, bad habits when you sing, lack of breath support, she can give you the proper tools. Michelle has worked with some of Hollywood’s most iconic celebrities as well as award-winning musicians. This is the type of experience that can’t be substituted.

An experienced voice teacher can share their lifetime of music knowledge with you. Michelle provides proper vocal techniques as well as vocal pedagogy to understand how everything works when you sing in each voice lesson.

What Is Vocal Pedagogy?

Vocal pedagogy is the study of voice and how your voice functions when you are singing. With this knowledge, she can help you become a better singer and improve your singing potential. When you work with a celebrity voice teacher, you’ll get an unbeatable opportunity to grow as a musician.

Michelle Ostrove is an experienced celebrity singing teacher and can help you to overcome those hurdles and learn proper vocal technique and vocal pedagogy.

Book A Session Today

Even seasoned musicians can benefit from having a voice coach work with them. You’ll get to continue to hone your craft under the guidance of someone who has spent a lifetime helping artists navigate the same growth you are experiencing now.

It’s time to move forward. get in touch with Michelle Ostrove to schedule your next lessons or voice coaching session today. Online singing lessons, online voice lessons, online vocal coaching, and online piano lessons are now available!

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