Learning a new song is a process, whether it is singing the song or playing the song on the piano. There are some simple ways to break the song down into sections to better absorb and learn quicker. Dividing the song into sections is a much better way than trying to learn the entire song all at once.

For singers, usually the chorus is catchy and easier to learn because it is repeated a few times throughout the song. Take it line by line, sing the song with the singer then on your own. Once you’ve tackled the chorus, start working on the first verse. Usually, the melody for the verses is the same, it’s the words that change. Look for patterns; music is made up of melodic patterns that are repeated over and over. Break the verses into sections and work them line by line. Once you’ve finished the first verse move onto the second verse.

For piano, play the song through with the right hand and then work on the left hand. Look for repeated patterns that are played. Now it’s time to play both hands together. Take it slowly and play the song in sections (sequences); play one section at a time and once you’ve mastered the first line or two, move to the next section. Breaking a song down into sections makes it much more manageable to learn.

It’s important to take regular breaks; our brain reaches maximum capacity for memorizing during the first 20 to 30 minutes. If you are learning a song by play the piano or singing, work on the song for 25 minutes or so and take a 15-minute break. This will help retain the song in your brain and will speed up the learning process. You will find after that 25 to 30 minute timeline, you will begin making mistakes and get frustrated, so take a break and let you mind reset.


What do you call a laughing piano?

A Yama-hahahahaha!

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