Everyone makes mistakes, it’s a process of learning and can help singer or pianist grow in the craft. You need to keep things in perspective. Every singer or musician (pianist) has made mistakes when playing or singing a song; no one is exempt from making a mistake in a performance. Mistakes will always happen; you will have good and bad performances. It’s not the mistakes that make you, it’s how you handle them after they have happened. Forgetting the lyrics, hitting bad notes, sound system problems and wardrobe malfunctions are humiliating, disappointing and frustrating for any artist. Your growth as a performer comes from the mistakes that happen. So many factors are involved in a live performance, so many things need to fall in place. When something goes wrong, you need to figure out how to prevent it from happening again. Use a teleprompter for lyrics, sound check, bring your own microphone, practice the areas that you’ve had issues with. Don’t let mistakes get you down, look at them as a learning tool for better performances in the future. The more you believe in what you are doing, the more others will believe as well.

It’s time to regroup and realize that mistakes are inevitable and happen to everyone. Every star celebrity can tell you a story about a bad performance. Stop thinking about the mistake and dwelling on them. Mentally you need to step away from the self-criticism and thing about what you can do differently next time to achieve a different result.

Don’t let your emotions get in the way, and most likely the problem is probably bigger in your mind than actual reality. Instead of wallowing in your mistakes, focus on accepting what has happened and what steps need to be made to remedy the situation and gain back the control. Start looking at the future and your next performance. You cannot live in fear of making mistakes, keep moving forward and remember success is a reality after you’ve experienced some failure. You’ve gained knowledge or understanding of how to do it better. Positive thinking goes a long way.


Why did the tortilla chip start dancing? A. Because they put on the salsa.