Do you want to get the most out of your singing voice? Are you trying to make your voice stand out from the rest? There are a few techniques you can use to make your singing stand out from the rest. How you begin to sing a note or initiate pitch is key. Today we will talk about one of the techniques.

A hard vocal onset or glottal attack when singing a note. There is a gap between the two vocal cords (folds), which is called the glottis. The vocal cords open and close like a curtain. The ligaments and muscles move the vocal cords to opened and closed, create tension and make the vocal cords hold together closely. When you sing a note at the beginning of a word and use this method, there is a clear and distinct difference. It can be used on the second syllable of a word as well.

The hard attack of a note is when a singer causes the vocal cords to hit together, creating a specific sound. Rock singers use this technique (hard attack or glottal attack); it is used to belt out emphasis (make sure you use diaphragmatic support when doing this). A hard attack on the note creates a strong sound to start the note. It’s important to be selective as to where you use this technique. Pick the words you want to emphasize. You can also use the glottal attack for emphasis in a more subtle manner as well. It’s subtle, but will make a clear impact in your sound. Here is an example of glottal attack on notes, listen to Audrey Diaz singing “Favorite Crime” with the emphasis at the beginning of words in just the right places. It is subtle, but extremely effective in creating a style and spark to your singing.


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