Have You Found Your Vocal Balance?

What is vocal balance? When you are working on your voice to become a better singer, you need to balance the two important functions of your voice: the airflow and the muscles you use to sing. You really need an expert vocal coach to learn to balance your voice. Training your voice all on your own is difficult, if not impossible, especially in the early years.

If you have too much airflow, the vocal cords (folds) can get overpowered and you will end up with a breathy weak tone. You will tire out your voice quickly without using the diaphragm and muscles surrounding the rib cage.

If you are using too much muscle power in the throat area you will strain your voice because there is too much vocal cord (fold) closure, cutting off the airflow. This will also cause damage to the voice.

When you sing, you want the correct balance of airflow and muscle tension to produce a great sound. When you have good balance, everything feels free and easy, just like when you are speaking. Your vocal cords will adjust to different pitches (notes) easily without strain or forcing the sound. If you are singing out of vocal balance your voice will get tired, strained and worn out. The end result will be damaged vocal cords (folds).

So, spend time balancing and developing your voice. Try and find a good vocal coach and learn how to get your voice to sing in a healthy manner. When you establish good vocal balance, you will increase your range and your technique will improve quickly. If you’d like to find that balance, I do offer online vocal coaching if you’re not in the Los Angeles or Ventura area. Listen to Lexie Torres singing “Love On The Brain” by Rihanna with good vocal balance.


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