Being nervous is natural, if you don’t address it your nerves might keep you from growing as an artist. Everyone deal with being nervous, whether it’s singing in front of people or playing the piano for an audience. Every singer or pianist has been nervous the first, second and third time they have performed in front of other people. They felt exactly like you! They got scared too!

The difference between you and a famous singer or pianist is they have been able to perform in front of an audience a lot more than you. It’s all about getting out there and doing it. It’s the smaller, more intimate setting that will make you feel more vulnerable than a large audience. You have to dig into your core and find your truth. Once you start singing or playing your nerves will fade and you can bask in the music.

I’m sure you’ve experienced nervousness the first time you flew on a plane, but what did you do? You got on the plane, dealt with the fear and reached your destination. The more you fly the less fearful it becomes. It’s the same with singing or playing an instrument in front of people. Start small with family and/or friends.

Overcoming and combatting the nerves is something you must learn to do if you want to move forward as a performing artist. A few other things that will help are knowing your material (the songs) which means practice makes perfect! Also, visualize your success, imagine that your performance was successful and your audience loved it. Deep breathing exercises will help as well. The last tip is to focus on your message, your songs, let the music touch you inside and you can relay that emotion to your audience. Just remember some of the world’s most famous performers have suffered from extreme performance anxiety, including Adele, Barbara Streisand, Rhianna, Lorde, Andrea Bocelli and many others. Remember, no one ever gives a perfect performance. It is ok to make mistakes, just be natural and be yourself.


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Hip Hop

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