Having a clear picture in your mind of what you want as a singer, songwriter, pianist (musician) is the biggest step. If you cannot visualize it, it’s hard to accomplish what you don’t see in your mind.

It’s important to stay current in music, technology, social media (vital) and knowing what the new generation is interested in. What is everyone listening to, who are the new artists, producers, musicians in the field. How are the new artists writing music, who’s getting radio play, winning awards; you must stay current. The more educated you are about the music industry, the better equipped you are to be successful. Try to get a job working at a record label or recording studio and see the business from the inside out.

Another important element is networking. You have to get out there and let people see you and know you as an artist. You never know where your big break will come from or whom you might meet to make that big break happen. Get to know the people who can open doors for you, but never be a nuisance. Be sincere and be yourself.

The next element is creativity, having fun with what you are doing and make some money while performing; it’s a business not a charity affair. Treat it like a business, watch your money and spend it cautiously.

The fourth element is a good work ethic, follow directions, when you are told to do something do it. If you work hard and set your mind on what you want, you will be successful. So listen to people and don’t feel like you know everything and by all means follow your gut!

Start building a fan base on social media, give them what they want to hear. Great material, something with personality, lots of heart, and diversify in the songs (you don’t want them all to sound the same). Let the fans hear you on a variety of social media outlets. Put some of your personal stories in the songs. Let the audience see a little glimpses of who you are and what you are like. This will draw them in because they can relate to you and your personal journey. It’s actually great therapy for you as well.


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