Your voice is a musical instrument, just like a piano or guitar. As a vocalist you need to have complete control of your voice to hold notes for an extended period of time or use dynamics in your singing. To sing without cracking or a break you must have breath – diaphragm support.

Your diaphragm plays a significant role in breathing when you sing. Your vocal power, strength and control all come from the diaphragm. You are probably wondering “What is a diaphragm”? Well, it is a large muscle that stretches across the lower part of your rib cage (like an upside bowl). It sits between the stomach and the lungs and plays a vital role in a singer’s ability to sing well.

There is an important connection between breath control (which involves diaphragm support) and a great singer. As you inhale, the diaphragm flattens, filling the lungs with air which gives you control of the air being released to the vocal cords (folds) and supports (controls) the airstream being released as you sing.

Every singer needs to learn how to breath into your diaphragm. As you breath in, think of your throat (keep an open throat) and lungs being a container filling up with air and the bottom of the container is your diaphragm. Here is an exercise: as you inhale slowly count to five filling your lungs with air, you can feel the diaphragm flattening out. As you exhale slowly count to five and control the stream of air being release. I have exercises on my website (under vocal cd) to help strengthen your diaphragm.


Why did the music teacher go up the ladder during music class? To reach the high notes!