How to Choose Good Songs For Your Voice

Every voice has it’s unique set of strengths and weaknesses. You truly cannot compare voices because they are all different. How do you know which songs and styles are good for your voice? I’m going to give you some tips to help you find the right songs for you.

It’s always important to choose songs that you like and feel a connection to them. Then sing along with the artist to learn the melody, make sure the song fits within your range (not too high or too low). You can also change the key to song to fit your range.

Here is an easy way to figure out which songs are best for you, choose a singer whose voice is similar to yours and look through their songs. When you find a song in your range and your general tone, and the style matches your style, then this song is a good matcher for your voice.

To figure out what your range is, find your lowest and highest comfortable notes to sing. Singing Carrots is a websites that help you find your range, It’s also important to know where your transition place (passaggio) is in your vocal range. This is when a singer is moving from one vocal register to another and there is a break in your voice and sometimes causes your voice to crack. A professional vocal coach can help you with your range and also show you how to sing through your passaggio smoothly without a break (read blog posted 11/27/20 “Moving From One Register To Another – Passaggio”).

Now begin creating your own personal list of songs that are perfect for your voice. Experiment with different genres and styles to get some creative ideas. Find the songs that make you feel and sound the best when you are singing and start working on them!


Why couldn’t the string quartet find their composer? He was Haydn.

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