Every singer wants to increase their vocal range, and hit those high notes. No one is born with the ability to sing the highest notes perfectly, expanding your range takes time and work. Vocal cords need exercise, just like other muscles, to get stronger. Start by warming up and practice specific exercises daily to help you increase your range; the bubble (lip trills) and r roll (tongue trills) are the perfect exercises.

Here are some tips to help you hit those high notes! A psychological trick for hitting the high notes is to “think down for the high note” which prevents the larynx from rising too much. When you approach a high note, think down, not up! It’s like a seesaw; when someone sits on one end, it goes down but your end goes up. The heavier they are, the higher you go. Likewise, give your high notes plenty of oomph “down” (for the larynx) if you want them to pop up on the other end with the note (resonance or vibration of the sound). If you push up to attempt to reach your higher notes, you will move your larynx out of place and then you stop your airflow.

Here is another tip: the key to hitting the high notes is focus on the note right before it. It’s a mental game, you have it, you own it. Prepare your body and having the right breath to back it up. The secret to hitting high notes is to sing from your core. If you focus on the note before the highest note, you will not psych yourself out right before the high note.

Lastly, a valuable technique for hitting the high notes is to use vowel modification. By using rounded, closed vowels helps transition from chest voice to head voice. Mariah Carey changes her vowel sounds to hit those amazing high notes! Hitting the high notes will without a doubt dazzle the audience and convert them into your fans during a singing performance. Listen to the angelic voice of Destiny Avery hit those high notes with ease and control.


Why is the French horn a divine instrument? Because a man blows in it, but only God knows what comes out of it.

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