Every singer strives to sing with control and power in their voice, very few start out that way. I have come across just a few that start naturally with that power. It takes time and work to achieve those goals. Where does the power come from? It’s not yelling; the power comes from the diaphragm.

The diaphragm is a thin muscle that sits at the base of your chest and above your abdomen; it’s in between your tummy and your lungs. The diaphragm contracts and flattens out when you breathe in and it relaxes as you exhale the air out of your lungs.

Here is an exercise: slowly breath in, you are flattening the diaphragm and you will feel the area below the rib cage expand, tightening your stomach muscles; now control your breath as you exhale in a slow steady stream. The combo of both moves together gives you the strength, power and control of your voice. This will help you control vocals and not waver in pitch.

To visualize the process when you sing, think of a balloon filling up with air. As you let the air out from the top of the balloon, the rim of the balloon produces the sound.

I have some great exercises to help on my website Vocal CD page. Just download the CD and look for the diaphragm exercises. Attached is video of a 7 year old that came to me with the vocal power all on her own!

Check it out!


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