Do you want to work on creating your own sound when you sing? Many singers use inflections (sometimes called intonation) when they sing. Inflections give your voice a more distinctly different sound. It is related to a change in pitch or tone; the rise and fall of a singer’s pitch. Adding infections into your singing adds variety and it is used to emphasize what you are singing.

If you spoke in the same monotone voice, at one pitch, your audience would become bored quickly. If you are singing in the same lifeless intensity throughout the song without getting louder or softer, bending notes, using inflections people will get bored very easily. The best way I can describe inflection is a ripple in your voice, with dynamics, bending notes, and emphasis at the beginning of some words will give your voice a very distinct sound.

All singers want to avoid boring their audience; a change in your singing pitch or tone makes a vocal performance appealing to the ear. By adding the modulation or fluctuation in your voice will create a more appealing sound when you sing. If you sing a song that you personally connect to and feel the emotion in the song, you will naturally sing the song with passions and inflection. This will add meaning, emotion and color to the words your sing. The video is a perfect example of inflection during a voice lessons with Audrey Diaz singing “Valerie,” at 8 years old.