Trying to define your own style or image as an artist can be intimidating, but it’s less scary if you have some simple steps to guide you along the way. There are a few things you can do to help create the image you feel inside. Finding your own personal artistic look takes time, thought and research.

You need to know what clothing items work for you and which items meet the criteria. The first step is to look into your own closet and choose the items that make you happy and why they make you feel good. What do they all have in common? Also, choose the items that look best on you, the style, cut, colors, etc.

The second step is to look through different magazines or go to the internet and make a note of the celebrity looks that you like. Next, look at family and friends that have great style sense. Go through your collection of celebrity looks and choose your favorites. You can also find out who the celebrity stylist is, and follow the looks they create. Now figure out which styles look best on you and compliment you.

The third step is to create your “style image” board and put the different looks on the board. See which looks align with and inspire you. What accessory choices will you use, for instance a hat, gloves, boots, etc. Now what do your top five choices have in common? What is the mood or vibe you looks have in common. Prince, Elton John, Lady Gaga, Madonna and so many more not only stand out for their talent, but also their image as an artist.

The next step is to start collecting the basics for your look. The color choices, dress, pants, jacket, shoe type and accessory choices. Once you’ve begun collecting the basic build of your image, it’s time to start collecting unique pieces that really make you stand out. It’s all about playing with different things to figure out what works. Check out Alanis singing “Sweet Dreams” and her own unique style choices complimenting her vocal sound.


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