Learning to sing in head register may be one of the most important things you can learn as a singer. Singing in the head register will help you expand your vocal range and hit those high notes! So, what is your head voice and how do you access it?

The head voice is an old school Italian term used to describe notes in the top part of the vocal range. The Italian singers called it head voice because they noticed vibrations in their head when they sang high notes.

When you sing higher notes, the vocal cords stretch and thin out. The thin vocal cords vibrate faster than when the cords are thicker and since they are vibrating faster, you will hear higher notes. The problem is that many beginning singers will only sing notes that are in their chest voice where the cords are thicker.

Here are a few tips on how to feel and access your head voice. If you sing a really high note on the word “Wee” like you are going down a slide. You can feel that vibration in your head? That’s your head voice! Hum a note, and take the pitch up and down slowly. Close your eyes, while doing the exercise. Do you feel the vibration moving up and down? Try doing the same thing with a different vowel sounds, like “ee”, “oo”, or “ah”. What happens if you try to buzz like a bee while singing a note? For my students, the first two exercises on my Vocal CD (Bubble – Prrr and the “R” Roll) really help with this as well. Both exercises have you go through each register with a smooth transition and you can feel the vibration in each resonating chamber. Listen to Audrey Diaz hit the high notes in her head voice in the chorus of “A Million Years Ago.”


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