When putting a song together you need some basic elements. An Artist will have their own unique way of expressing the song and the way they want to structure the song. But these are the basic important elements in music for song:

1. The melody, it is the single most important part of a song. This is what the artist would sing or Carlos Santana would play on his guitar!

2. The harmony is when 2 (or more) people sing together with different parts that blend perfectly together. The Beach Boys have amazing and complex vocal harmonies.

3. The rhythm, it is a rhythmic structure of patterns played by the instruments. For instance the drums and bass guitar will play a series of rhythmic patterns to lay the foundation of a song.

4. The texture, which is the tempo (fast or slow), melody, and harmonies blended together to create the song

5. The sounds, different instruments you choose to use in a song. Some artists keep it simple and some like a full orchestra


What makes pirates such good singers? They can hit the high Cs!