Every singer and musician have a story of how their path lead to success and no two are alike. Justin Bieber was discovered on Youtube and Arianna Grande started singing the national anthem for hockey, basketball and football games, did a Broadway musical “13.” Arianna was hired for a role in the Nickelodeon TV show “Victorious,” from that point her career blossomed. Brittany Spears Christina Aguilera and Justin Timberlake started on the Mickey Mouse Club, but they all have their own story and journey. Even though they all had different starts in the industry, they all share the same characteristics of success.

The first characteristic is “hard work”! Each one of these famous artists work very hard. They put in long hours and push themselves to improve and create new material. The music industry continues to evolve and these artists keep their music fresh and continue to grow (read blog 1/18/21 “Let Social Media Launch Your Music Career”).

The second characteristic is practice. I’m sure each one of those artists spend hours every day working on their vocals and writing down ideas for new songs. If they play an instrument, time is spend practicing that instrument daily. I’m sure you’ve heard the old saying “practice makes perfect”; it really does make you better. The more you put into your practice, the better you will be. If you want to rise above the rest and have the passions for singing or playing piano (or any instrument), practice daily and you will pass your competition (read blog 8/15/20 “Get To The Next Level With Music).

The third characteristic is confidence! To master the art, an artist needs to give his time and energy to singing or playing piano. This will build the confidence! One of the most important qualities an artist can possess is confidence; being confident is nothing more than believing in yourself, it comes from inside you (read blog 9/10/20 “Being Confident”).

The fourth characteristic is having patience and never give up. You have not failed at anything, unless you have given up. Once you give up, you’ve failed. Every artist who topped the charts did not do it in one day. They practiced and developed their talent for years!

The fifth characteristic is they are creative. Try practicing in a stress-free environment and choose an environment that helps you become more creative, so you can try new things and not feel like you have to pull back (read blog 4/12/21 “How To Be More Creative”).

Successful singers and musicians do not wait for opportunities and big breaks, they create the opportunities and breaks for themselves. Keep pushing forward and never give up. Listen to this song by a kind, modest, talented and creative artist “Chelsko” and her latest song “Delilah.” Chelsko is always evolving and creating new ideas.


Why did the fish make such a good musician? He knew his scales.

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