If you are serious about your singing or piano performance and want to perfect your craft, practice in front of a full-length mirror. This exercise will allow you to see your body movements and facial expressions while singing or play. There is no better tool to really make improvements while you perform. To really make an impact, your presentation needs to be smooth, seamless and polished, which means the delivery of the song will really touch the audience. Your singing, emotion and presentation through movement will enhance how your performance is delivery.

Practice in front of a full-length mirror allows you to make adjustments to your body movement and facial expressions. Dancers regularly practice in front of wall mirrors to perfect each dance move. Most dance studios have mirrors covering the front walls. Practicing this way may feel awkward and uncomfortable in the beginning. Don’t worry about it, it will take some time to become comfortable, but it is a vital step to feeling comfortable with vulnerability.

If you have a tripod and have the capability to record yourself while you practice, this is another way to really make an impact and make adjustments to perfect your stage or social media performance. When you practice, focus on the emotions and body language of your performance. Once the recording is complete, review it and take notes about what you think is good and where you need to change or improve; pretend you are watching a friend’s video and you need to give them feedback. Remember the only person that is viewing the video is you! Some important things to look for are: 1. Do you look stiff, 2. Do you see true emotion, 3. Do you complement the song through body language and facial expressions, or did they become a distraction, 4. What can I do to improve my facial expressions and movement. Try being overly dramatic, read the blog from Monday about “Be Dramatic in Your Practice,” over exaggerate your facial expressions and body movement. If you are playing piano, look up Liberace performances or Elton John and see what the masters do!!


I strained a finger today playing the piano.

But on the other hand, I’m fine!

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