Improper piano technique can prevent you from reaching your full potential and it can even cause injury. Many pianists have learned how to play with good technique after they have suffered from pain. Many permanent injuries are a result of overuse and poor form.

The first improper piano technique would be sitting too close to the piano and too low. Sitting too close or too low will cause pain and tiredness in the hands, arms and wrists. Your knees should be aligned to the edge of the piano keys. Your elbows need to be in front of your body, not beside you. Sit high enough that your waist is level to the piano keys. You can sit on a pillow to give you more height. If you sit too low your wrists will drop and can cause carpal tunnel and numbness in the fingers. Remember to sit up straight, don’t slouch and sit more toward the edge of your chair (bench). This is really important when playing the keyboard because everyone’s set up is different.

The second bad piano technique is incorrect positioning of the fingers. If your fingers are too flat, you will have trouble playing. Your fingers should be relaxed, try this: place your hands on your lap, palms up and let your fingers relax. This is the hand position you want when playing piano, using the pads of your fingertips (between your fingernail and the bottom of your finger print). Remember keep your hands soft; it’ important to feel relaxed. Most people carry the tension in their hands and shoulders, so pay attention to your body and stay relaxed.

The third bad piano technique is too much hand and arm movement. Try placing a coin on your hands when you play and try not to let it fall off! If you are playing staccatos there is a lot of hand movement.

Having excellent piano technique will help a pianist play their very best. Proper technique will also help a pianist physically and prevent tiredness or pain. It’s the same with voice, good technique is the best way to sing without causing any problems.


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