This method is basically a way to learn how to write a song by using a “template” guide. Choose one of your favorite songs and use it as a template to build and write your own song. Learning from successful songwriters will give you a good understanding of the process. This method is to help you put a song together and to get your creativity juices flowing.

You will begin by taking the song apart. You want to figure out how the lyrics are put together. How do the verses point toward the chorus; look at the melody, what are the patterns and how is it melodically put together. If you play the piano or guitar, figure out the music structure; which chords are being played and what is the order. Look for the patterns in the song

Any singer, songwriter or musician can use this method to learn how a song is put together. The more you use a “template” song to guide and teach you, the stronger your songwriting chops will be. You can get some of the greatest training in the business by learning from the best.

This is just a temporary learning tool to help you understand how to put a song together. Using another song and just changing words is copyright infringement. Take some piano lessons and learn about playing chords or voice lessons (singing lessons) from a professional vocal coach to master your voice technique. Remember your voice is a musical instrument as well. These skills will help you in your songwriting journey and help you create a song from scratch!


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