Singing style is all about producing a variety of vocal techniques to create musical sound with your voice. There are different styles of singing, but good basic technique is the same regardless of the style. But each genre has different facets for the vocal style.

The foundational techniques are posture, soft palate, tongue placement, diaphragm & breath support, smoothly transitioning from one vocal register to another, and training the ear to sing on pitch. Building a good, solid vocal foundation is first and foremost. There are some technique differences when singing different genres of music.

Pop, Jazz, Country Music are about minimal vibrato and some artists have a shallow type of sound (Tony Bennett – Jazz or Brittany Spears – Pop), but there are singer is these genres with a deeper, fuller sound as well, like Christina Aguilera. It’s important to learn how to hold the vowel sound with no vibrato and maintain excellent control and pitch. Some pop and country singers incorporate word inflections (see blog 1/21/21 “Mastering Vocalization) and diphthong (see blog 11/07/20 “A Method Used To Help Create A Singing Style) with and without the vibrato. The placement of sound is mostly in the sinus mask area. Each genre has their own unique way of singing vowel and consonant sounds.

Rock Music has a heavier sound with vocal flairs, like the vocal fry – growl sound (blog 10/7/20 “Vocal Fry – The Sexy Growl”) and vocal onset – hard attack on the note (see blog 10/05/20 “How To Put A Spark In Your Singing!!). Most rock singers use no vibrato in their singing, but there are exceptions like Stevie Nicks; she uses a very fast vibrato. See my blog about “How To Sing Rock The Right Way” posted 11/07/20.

Musical Theatre, Classical/Opera generally uses a lot of vibrato and a much taller sound. The placement of sound, this is where you will feel the resonance (vibration), it’s more towards the roof of the mouth and back of the throat (see blog 12/24/20 “What Exactly is Vocal Resonance?”). These singers use resonance to fill a large concert hall or auditorium (see blog 10/31/20 “Singing With Beautiful Resonance”). Your articulation and pronunciation (enunciation) of vowels and consonance are formal and restrictive.

Playing piano is the same, there are foundational techniques that are important to master for every pianist. But each style of music requires more of one technique and less of others. The rhythmic patterns are differ form one genre to another. Contact a professional vocal coach (who knows how to work with the different genres) or piano teacher to build a strong, solid foundation!


If a orchestra is plays music in a thunderstorm, who is most likely to get hit by lightning?

The conductor!