If you are limited in the time you have to practice playing piano or singing, you can practice in silence from anywhere. If you are passionate about music, you probably hear music in your head often during the day and most likely hum or sing the song out loud. Here is a way to practice from any location and no one will hear you.

Imagine hearing the music live in your head. Music lives in the mind first, think about the words and the meaning behind the lyrics, hear the melody in your mind. Sing along mentally from the beginning and hear the rhythm, vocal articulations, what the dynamics (loudness and softness) would be throughout the song. Think about the diction (enunciation) throughout the song and where you would add runs and hear yourself singing the runs in your mind. This is really good for your preparation to sing the song and you can do it from anywhere!

For piano, read through the song and imagine playing the notes in your mind. Try to image what it would sound like as your play and your finger movements. This is a great way to prepare before you start playing. Going through the piece of music, reading all the notes, dynamics, accidentals, and the way the song is structured before playing; it is a helpful way to practice in your mind and it does make a difference. You can even do it on a road trip sitting in the car, as long as you are not driving!

It is important to continue working on scales, runs, riffs, and other exercises that will condition your voice musically and physiologically. When you practice singing or playing songs daily you will grow quickly and give your voice more flexibility and freedom to sing the way you want. Let’s start adding “silent practice” to your weekly practice and see how it makes a difference!


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