Knowing how to hold a note for its full length takes practice. This is a skill every singer should have the ability to do; holding a note without wobbling or dropping in pitch (flat). There are a few reasons why a singer has trouble holding notes for their full value. To have strong control you should be able to hold a note, staying on the pitch without wavering or hold a note with vibrato (to hold a note with slight variation in pitch).

Poor breath control is probably a big part of the problem. The first step in breath control is making sure you’re breathing from the diaphragm. Have you ever sung a long phrase and got to the end of the phrase and ran out of air to hold the last note? A short-term remedy is to take a quick breath right before the last word to hold the note. In the long run, you want to have better control with the airflow by using the diaphragm. Your goal is to be able to release air in a slow and consistent flow using the diaphragm. It’s like letting air out of a balloon in a slowly.

Professional singers are always working on breath control. A singer should always be challenging his or herself by continually expanding their range and having better breath control. You accomplish these goals through exercises. I have students work on breath control by singing two or three riffs of an exercise with one breath. Another challenge, crescendo on each note, which is basically a fancy way of saying start a note in the song quietly and let the note grow louder as you hold it. Learning how to control the diaphragm by slowly taking in air and slowly exhaling the air. With good breathing control you can hold notes longer and stay on pitch. When you practice, have fun with the exercises and songs. Singing is just like any other instrument; it takes a lot of practice to master.


Why is a guitar like a car?

Because it’s best when it’s tuned up.

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