Breath support is how you regulate the outward flow of air (when you exhale) while singing. Breathing is so natural and automatic to us; it’s hard to believe that we could be doing it wrong. Every note relies on the gradual exhale of air and the control of that air stream.

Proper breathing for a singer is crucial!

When you exhale the diaphragm pushes the air from the lungs through the vocal folds (vocal cords), producing a stream of air. The stream of air is shaped by the resonances (air vibrations) of the vocal tract. The stream of air moves through the throat into the oral and sinus cavity. The key is to control the rate of speed and volume of air.

Here are a few exercises to strengthen your breath support:

Exercise #1: The hissing exercise, which is breathing in slowly and filling your lungs with air. As you exhale, clench your teeth together and regulate the release of air. You should hear a hissing sound as you exhale.

Exercise #2: Is a breathing exercise where you Inhale deeply through the nose while slowly counting to three. Hold the air at the top of the inhale while slowly counting to three. Exhale through the mouth while slowly counting to five. At the end, hold the exhale while slowly counting to three. Try to repeat this three times.

The breathing exercises from your voice lessons can dramatically improve the caliber of vocal performance. Breath support will stabilize your singing voice with a consistent and reliable sound. It will allow you to sing from a place of freedom, power, and comfort.


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