Whether you are a singer or pianist, it is important to develop your musical ear. One of the most important characteristics of vocal control is the ability to listen to yourself and sing “on pitch” (singing right on the note)! A good voice embodies fine technique, which requires you to sing notes correctly, not singing a little higher (sharp) or lower (flat). If you have ever heard someone sing and thought, they can’t sing. That’s probably because they are not on the note; they are flat or sharp. If you are singing off pitch that’s when you sound bad. It’s because you are not on the note, it is not your tone. You can have a great sounding voice and be off the note and sound bad.

It takes time and work to fix this issue. Most untrained singers have a difficult time singing on pitch, it’s not uncommon and can be fixed. Listening to everything else except yourself when you sing is easier, but you will not improve. An easy way to improve your pitch is by using ear plugs when you practice, everything else will be softer and you can focus specifically on your voice. The ear plugs will help you identify whether you are singing on or off the note. This small change in your practice will help you can develop an attuned awareness of how you sound. When I’m working with students that have pitch issues, I will tell them to put a finger in one ear so that they can hear themselves better. Ear plugs do a better job! If having them in both ears bothers you, try putting an ear plug in one ear.

Cultivating a good voice takes practice to maintain good pitch throughout the song. So, when you practice make sure you are singing on pitch. The best way to do this is to record yourself when you practice a song. As you play the recording and find places that don’t sound right, you are probably off the note. Try to slightly raise or lower the note, if you are working with a vocal coach, they can find the notes on the piano and play them for you. Having self-awareness (being aware of how you sound) is actually one of the first major steps to becoming a good singing. This is an excellent way to training your ears…listen to yourself!


What is the definition of a mezzo soprano?
Just an alto with a soprano’s attitude.

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