All great singers have certain skills that are needed and you can master these skills, but it takes dedication and work (practice)! When you think of an amazing singer, what do you notice? Most likely it’s their tone, how their voice sounds when singing a song. Every singer has a certain something that makes them stand out. If you ask yourself what skills you need to be a (professional) singer, here are three skill that will get you on the road to be a great singer.

The first skill is very obvious, you need to have a good singing voice. It’s wonderful when you are gifted with flexible and colorful voice, but if you don’t a beautiful singing voice can be developed. You can expand your range, flexibility and inflection with practice. Your vocal colors will depend on the style of music you are singing. For instance, a metallic sound or twang or high volume, also known as belting, is used when singing country, pop, gospel and soul music. In pop or jazz, you might use a mellow, soft and breezy color in your voice. All of these colors in your vocal sound can be developed.

The second important skill is musicality, you need to feel the music, rhythm and emotion of the song. To some singers it comes naturally, to others it must be developed. Listening to great music, playing an instrument like the piano, or working with a vocal coach will help you develop this skill.

The third important skill is having a good ear. As a singer, you must learn how to listen and what to specifically listen for to get you in the right direction. You need to develop that Golden Ears! This will help you detect if the notes you are singing are good, it will help you detect pitchiness, slight alterations in tempo, harmonies, dynamics and so much more.


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